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Who were Soldaderas

You may be wondering: What is Cafe de Olla?

Cafe de olla is a blend of coffee that was created during the Mexican Revolution (1910-1920). During the revolution, females and males fought together. The women soldiers, called “adelitas,” had many responsibilities and were extremely important during the Mexican Revolution. The women maintained the forces by assisting in battles, cooking, cleaning, etc. The adelitas even went on to become colonels.
To keep up the stamina of the soldiers the adelitas created a blend of spices, coffee, and sugar in clay pots which they would then hand out to all the soldiers for an energy boost in order to keep the soldiers energized throughout the war. This blend of coffee was henceforth called Cafe de Olla literally meaning “coffee from a clay pot.”

At Soldadera we have decided to focus on this type of coffee, Cafe de Olla, because of the strong symbolism this coffee has had in our life. When we were growing up in Mexico City, we would often wake up to the smells of Cafe de Olla, cooked by our grandmother, wafting through the walls. Our grandmother was a strong and independent woman who influenced us greatly when we were growing up. She helped us become the people we are today.

Our grandmother is our inspiration for creating Soldadera, a company focused on making a change in women’s economic inequality through the distribution of beverages.  

We hope that you enjoy our brand of Cafe de Olla! We look forward to hearing from you! Also be sure to follow us on social media.

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