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Soldadera is a  family-oriented small business whose goal is to bring a unique-tasting Cold Brew coffee to the community with a purpose. Our original recipe was inspired by a woman who stood up for people's rights and made a difference in many people's lives. This person was our Grandmother Cristina. 

Cristina was a social activist in Mexico who stood up for other people by giving assistance when needed regardless of the situation. She was the voice for injustice towards others, especially women. Her tough exterior and fiery spirit challenged those injustices, while her loving and compassionate heart made people feel loved and appreciated. Not only did she stand up for injustice but she was also a political activist up until an old age. Being raised by this woman taught us that injustice, like women's inequality, can be a challenge but we can all still make a difference.

Inspiration for Soldadera

"I remember as a small child accompanying my grandmother to religious retreats in the early morning to the Spanish-styled Cathedrals of Mexico City. As soon as we came off the Greyhound buses, my Grandmother Cristina would set up tables with carafes (pitchers), full of hot Cafe de Olla, as a token of kindness for the community. It was during these cold mornings, with a loaf of Spanish bread in one hand and a cup of Cafe de Olla in the other, that I drew inspiration from my grandmother and became passionate about making a difference in the community as my grandmother did for the people around her. She is still one of my role models and source of inspiration to this day." 

Every time you have a drink of  Soldadera Coffee it should transport you to the world of Mexico, a place where spices and flavors are abundant. A place where women are the driving force for good, helping families and communities one step at a time. We hope you enjoy our coffee and look forward to working with you to bring awareness to women's inequality so that we can make this world a better place.

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