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Why every café needs a ready-to-drink option on the menu

Flavorful, ready-to-drink beverages are growing in popularity among young coffee drinkers, and brands are fighting for relevance in this emerging consumer market.

According to a 2023 study from market research firm Mintel, young people are driving a new coffee market with a higher demand for cold, flavorful coffee drinks with a strong brand identity.

The study indicates ready-to-drink products are popular among teens ages 12-17. In a survey of nearly 300 internet users who have kids ages 12-17, 63% said their child drinks any coffee beverage -- hot or cold -- and 26% said they take their coffee cold.

Young people also care more about brands that support social issues. In a survey of 1,667 respondents, 60% of Gen Z respondents said coffee brands should support social issues, compared to 53% of Millennials, 40% of Gen X and 30% of Baby Boomers.

Based on these findings, it's a great time for cafés to invest in locally owned RTD coffee products. Soldadera Coffee, in particular, offers unique, culturally inspired flavors that draw on our strong Mexican roots and help tell the stories of revolutionary women throughout history and today.

Based on our own market research, we have found our products are a hit especially with women in the 25-34 age range. These are typically young professional women with discretionary income who are seeking unique, culturally inspired brands and products.

You can find Soldadera cold brew on Meijer store shelves and most recently at That Early Bird Café in Grand Rapids. With a new round of funding from the Michigan Fair Food Fund Network, we are looking to expand into new niche markets that we previously couldn't.

For retail partnership opportunities, email us at

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