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Day of the Dead: Its secrets and more.

As is also known as " Dia de Los Muertos," it is a day full of tradition, symbolism, and celebration in Latin American countries. This celebration takes place on the first and second days of November. It's today tied to catholic celebrations, but the secret predates the church.

Soldadera Coffee Day fo the Dead Altar

- Images of those who inspired us to create this cold brew


Today celebrations are similar to the pre-Spanish offering the Teotihuacan people would do during the year 400ac. The Teotihuacan would create offerings for the dead to help them in their journey to the underworld. These offerings include food, knives, jade stones, and seeds. They even used a special breed of a dog called xoloescuintles to guide them to the underworld.


The secrets of the Teotihuacan's, lie with the meaning of the levels on the offering. Usually, people only create an offering table with a single level due to costs, but accurate traditional sometimes dictates using four levels. It was all that the Teotihuacan thought was needed to make the journey into eternity. 


  • Level I: In this section, you would find the young remembered dead and those who weren't born—usually, people were buried in the fetal position.
  • Level II: This offering level helps the young dead by including distinct vegetables, and bones from animals. Nowadays, this level is full of candies and sweets or what the departed loved in his past life.
  • Level II: In this section, the adults were set for remembering. These deceased were placed in large clay pots continuing with the crematorium. It was believed that abundance and eternal peace prevailed in this place. In offerings, they tend to be sugar canes and typical foods.
  •   Level IV: Older adults (elderly) would go to this place, placing wooden bonfires for the cremation of bodies. It was believed that the elderly returned to Earth after death in the form of animals.


- Soldadera Coffee bottle inspired by our grandmother who loved coffee


For the ancient Mesoamericans, the idea of death had no similarities to the Christian definition of death, a.i. Heaven or Hell. The Christian religion saw it as a punishment or reward. Mesoamericans believed that the destinations for the dead's souls were determined by the type of death they had suffered and not by their behavior in life.


The principal representative civilizations of the Mesoamerican area developed a rich ritual around the cult of ancestors and death itself, which constituted the precedent of the current Day of the Dead, in which the worldview of those peoples.


We hope that on this particular day, you created your offering to the departed in your life. This year Soldadera Coffee has created an offering honoring the women who inspired us to create this unique cold-brewed coffee and company. It's the same taste of coffee made by " Abuelita" in those cold mornings with her.


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