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A little taste of Posada

We had a blast last weekend at the Grand Rapids Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. This is a special time of year for us because we get to reflect on the Mexican culture that inspires our brand and our amazing coffee.

If you like finding fun festivities in the days before Christmas, add Las Posadas to your list. Posadas are traditional festivals held every year from Dec. 16-24 in Mexico and other parts of Latin America. 

A local Posada (Spanish for inn or place of rest) begins with a ritual that reenacts Mary and Joseph’s search for an inn on their way to Bethlehem. They usually take the form of a large street festival, although some Posadas are held in someone's home.

Photo: An areal view of the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony in Grand Rapids

On street processions, participants carry lighted candles around a local neighborhood asking, through means of a special posada song, for "room at the inn"—knocking on doors along the way, or knocking on the door where the party is arranged. The protagonists of the nativity story are most often portrayed in costume by local children.

Posada parties are often full of food, drinks, Christmas carols and a piñata filled with fruit and sweets for children to play a hand at bursting open to get at the treats inside. 

You can also grab a taste of Posadas from Soldadera Coffee! Our "Canelita" cinnamon cold brew is inspired by the flavors and festivities of traditional Posadas. The coffee served at these events, like ours, is light-bodied with hints of cinnamon and natural herbs. It's the perfect drink to get you into the Christmas spirit!


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