Problems Women Face in Society

problems women face in society


Last week the Soldadera Coffee team had the pleasure of being at the Mexican Heritage Festival. We were happy to have our first real meetup with our fellow Soldadera followers. It was a great experience!

At the festival our Soldadera team got the chance to speak with many interesting and inspiring people. There were many women and men who were interested in women’s issues. These people were open to sharing their personal experiences as well as the experiences of their friends and loved ones regarding women’s issues. Below is a compilation of the experiences that were shared at the Soldadera Coffee Meetup regarding gender inequality and how women are viewed in society. These thoughts have been separated into categories. Here are the problems that women face in society:

Stereotypes of supposed “Women” Characteristics as perceived by society

  • Having to be “nice” and “kind” always
  • Been told that they are too “blunt” or “aggressive.” These are/can be positive male traits
  • Been socialized to constantly apologize
  • Criticized for being demanding
  • Been told that when they were just being a pleasant person they were judged as “flirting”
  • Been called “hostile” for standing up for themselves
  • Been told they can’t do things because they are women
  • Been told they are bossy
  • Not being seen as financially independent
  • People surprised at ambition/drive for success

Violence and Abuse

  • Machismo (strong or aggressive male pride) leading to the assault of young kids
  • High rates of sexual assault
  • Abuse, rape, trauma, untreated trauma
  • Sexual abuse/degradation
  • Rape culture
  • Human trafficking
  • Having to be constantly aware of your surroundings

Wage gap

  • Unequal pay for the same job


  • People not hearing their opinions
  • People discounting their opinions
  • Lack of respect

Reproductive health

  • Sex issues


  • When applying for jobs, having their resumes being passed over because of having unusual (female) names


  • Criticism for working outside the home and being “career-minded”
  • Criticism on the right way to be a mother
  • Not appreciating mothers and all they do
  • Different perspectives on motherhood based on where you live
  • Being a stay-at-home mom and people not taking the job seriously
  • People not being understanding of mothers


  • Being the only females in a male-dominated industry and not being taken seriously
  • The Glass ceiling effect
  • Been faced with a lack of respect as business professionals
  • Been offered promotions and then getting passed over when they found out they were pregnant
  • Been turned down for a job because of being in supposed childbearing age and may quit once they have children.
  • Questioned even if they have a Phd or Md

Body image/ objectification

  • Criticized for being overweight
  • People staring and being objectified
  • Men creating a lack of personal space to them not understanding why they are uncomfortable
  • Too much emphasis on looks
  • Judgement of appearance

At school

  • Having to either sit back while teachers side with sexism or get attacked by the majority of the class for arguing about women’s issues
  • Being blamed for things like campus assault for what they wear

Other (that cover a multitude of categories)

  • Lack of role models (especially minorities)
  • Mansplaining- when men are condescending when explaining an understood concept
  • Stigma against women’s health (periods/boobs, etc.)
  • Kids vs. career
  • Name calling

Here's a photo of the posters from our festival

problems women face in society posters grand rapids

Are there any problems you have experienced as a woman or that you have seen another woman face in society? Please share in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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  • This is bullshit. Also if you want men to respect you, earn it. I had to. They treated me as one of the guys because women today aren’t worthy of respect. My mom made it high in the career branch. I show skin when I can. I am a Wow player of 11 years. So I played when females were unicorn rare at the time. I get cat called but it’s flattering I had a twin brother who along with my father shaped me into who I am now. Women are as equal as we are going to get to men. So shut up c*nts go earn your shit

  • As a 16 year old women i am disgusted of how i see the world how it really is, we can’t be ourselves without being judged by others, i am told i can do something because i am a woman. I dress differently compare to other females but i am told to dress “like a lady” to obey “like a lady” to speak when your told “like a lady” i am tired of being silent, i’m tired of being called names.

    Luna Perez
  • Why woman face problems, what are the reasons and solution? Please visit the link below:

    Javed Iqbal Bhatti

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